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Our love affair with producing weddings and special events began with feedback from respected wedding professionals and friends of Elite telling us we should branch out from live performance and production to do weddings.  We took this advice and began building a wedding and event team based on a theatrical production platform.  Over 1400 weddings and events later, we've been voted by YOU the Best Of The Lake for Weddings!  Our goal of bringing a better DJay/Emcee experience by utilizing a Timeline Coordinated Approach (Like A Broadway Show) is an Elite Original Idea that has worked and is ever growing in popularity among wedding couples and event liasions.  For all of this... we are most thankful!  

Bring Cinematic Sound to YOUR Venue

With JBL Pro THX Certified Sound...   The sky's the limit!  

We bring only the best in sound available today!  Our JBL Pro systems will fill your space with lusciuos highs and firm lows that will never hurt your hearing.  Loud is not what we do... we do Clean, Full and Pure.  To ensure our sonic standards are met, we rotate our gear to new annually so we always have the best sounding and looking presentation around!  


Unique Specialty Lighting you can truly call your own!

We specialize in great architectural up/down lighting, personalized monogram lighting and animated, full color laser graphics which is the latest trend in high-end wedding and corporate event production. Let us put your name or company logo up in light!  Our high powered laser systems can personalize any event. We litterally can create or digitize any pattern, even in real-time, scroll text inside or around that pattern and display that pattern in any color ANYWHERE a light can shine!  Ask us for a demonstration TODAY! 

Make Your Event... YOURS! 

By offering our proven Elite Timeline Builder with unlimited consultation, our Elite Wedding and special event clients get results!  We utilize open communication in discovering what makes sense to the form and function of your event vision and then develop our discovery into your own Elite Timeline.  With your ideas and our immense arsenal of event planning knowlege your event will shine... Guaranteed! 


Reliability When it Counts

Our NO Mistakes Policy and commitment to excellence is why we feel comfortable calling ourselves "Elite" Lighting & Sound. We rehearse our intended performance of a given event with that event's approved timeline till it's flawless well before the day of the event.


We're Yours for the Day

Since we work by the event and not by the hour, we show up early and stay till you're done!  No Noon Whistle, No Rush Act.  As well... any add-on's like another few up-lights or a third system to cover a coctail party will be free of charge!  NO ONE will ever come up to you at the 3 or 4 hour mark or right when your event is going great asking you for more money because your time is up!  Be aware that several would be Djay/Emcee companies will sell you at a price point that seems lower than everybody else but fail to mention you're only getting a 3 or 4 hour block of time for your money.  Once you've committed with a deposit and don't have time to find anyone else, they'll begins charging you for every little extra thing you'll need just like a visit to the emergency room!  With Elite it's ALWAYS ONE SET UP FRONT PRICE FOR THE WHOLE DAY!  That's Right.... We're Yours For The Day!  


We are Sincerely, at Your Service

Our dedication to getting it right has paid off.  We currently enjoy the honor of being known as "The Local's Choice" and are proud to say, the people have spoken by voting us #1 in the "Best Of The Lake" for weddings in the all so important Lake Lifestyles Readers Poll several years running!  As well we have been recognized by the review based "Best of Weddings" award on The Knot!   


End Your Search and Make The Elite Choice TODAY!


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